The Prayer for Beatification

Almighty, everlasting God,
I humbly ask You to raise to Your glory Your Servant – Priest Anthony,
who loved You so deeply that he did not spare his life to serve people in need.
He obediently responded to your heavenly calls at any cost.
As priest he became the light of Your love to all .
Through the intercession of Priest Antoni Dujlović please grant the favour I request
(here make your petition).

Those who obtain favours through the intercession of Priest Anthony Dujlović
are asked to notify the Legnica Diocese,
59-220 Legnica, ul. Jana Pawła II 1, Poland.
With ecclesiastical approval

Father Anthony Dujlović
Catholic Priest, martyr, candidate for sainthood

Antoni Dujlović was born on 26 June 1914 in Ruzicu, near Banja Luki in a Croatian, poor, peasant
family. He was the twenty third child of Lovre and his second wife Ane (maiden name – Sušilo).
In 1928 he joined the Minor Seminary in Trawnik, where he passed his maturity exam in 1935.
In 1935 he started theology at the Superior Seminary in Sarajevo. As a cleric he was a very
thorough and reliable student. He was friendly and tolerant towards his colleagues. He spent
evenings adoring the Holy Sacrament because his personal need and calling.
He was ordained to the priesthood in April, 1939, subdeacon on 16 April, deacon on 23 April, and
presbyter on 30 April 1939. He celebrated his first Eucharist on 23 July 1939 in his home town
church Ivanjska next to Banja Luki in the presence of his closest relatives. His father was already 82
years old at that time.
On his commemorative pictures he chose to write Saint Peter’s words: Thou hast the words
of eternal life. (John 6, 68)
In summer 1940 he graduated from theology studies in Sarajevo.
On 3 July 1940 the young priest Antoni was sent by the local bishop Jozo Garić to his first parish
in a Polish village Gumjera, county Prnjavor, in the contemporary Yugoslavia.
Unfortunately, the parishioners had their priest for a very short time. The World War II lasted and
killed many people on that region. In order to protect the Catholic Priests the bishop in September
1942 issued a decree and exempted all the parish priests from their duties.
The Catholic Priests have been leaving the land surrounded by nationalistic fighters and communist
guerrillas. Priest Antoni stayed with his parishioners, he said: I will not abandon the souls and the
sheep and I am willing to sacrifice my young life for them.
He lived in Gumjera village in 1943 and he worked for eight parishes where there were no priest
Father Antoni was cruelly murdered for his dedication to God, The Catholic Church and human
as well as for his heroic defence of morality.
The killers stabbed him several times, broke his arm and shot twice in his head and once in his chest
from a machine gun.
He died as a martyr on 11 July 1943 in Gumjera where he was buried in the local graveyard
on 13 July 1943.
The parishioners from Gumjera moved to Poland and live in Legnica Diocese now.